Machine "Consiousness"!
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Chapter 1. Neuroscience with Electrophysiology

1.1 Human-Computer Interface

Chapter 2. Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

2.1. Internet of Things

2.2 Medical Data Ownership

2.3 NLP and OpenAI


Chapter 3. Could Artifacts develop Consciousness?

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Chapter 4. TransHumanism or Humans as perfect machines




4.1. Robot Interviews Neuroscientist Dr.Heather Berlin on Consciousness!

 Τα πρώτα ζωντανά ρομπότ του κόσμου έμαθαν να αναπαράγονται


4.2 What are the XENOBOTS?




Chapter 5. A.I. already passed the Rubicon

5.1 Electroceuticals

5.2 3D Bioprinting

5.3 Singularity


Chapter 6. Is there any future?


Concluding remarks


Στατιστικά Ιστοσελίδας

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