CAMPBE Conference 2018


2nd Multidisciplinary Oncology Conference: Diagnosis & Therapy

8-10 November 2018

 Paphos Cyprus

Risks and accidents using non-ionizing radiations

Κίνδυνοι και ατυχήματα σε εφαρμογές μη ιοντιζουσών ακτινοβολιών
(Η περίπτωση των Διαθερμιών)
Although the number of the scientific work has been published to connect health consequences of Electromagnetic (EM) Radiation, today and according to the scientific consensus all established adverse health effects at radio frequencies (RFs) follow from thermal absorption of the RF energy and the subsequent effects of the temperature increase.  ICNIRP (1998) and IEEE Std. C95.1 (2005) both use this thermal effect as the basis for their RLs at RFs. Short and Microwave diathermies (SWDs and MWDs) are EM radiation emitting systems that are used by physiotherapists for thermotherapy treatment. Although this form of therapy is widely available in most physiotherapy units worldwide, management of the equipment is not obligatory addressed either by Clinical Engineers or Medical Physicists. Here are presented, the first Quality control (QC) protocols for SWD and MWD equipment, examining mechanical, electrical and electronic condition, the power output and EM radiation distribution in the electrotherapy room, that already published and evaluated internationally. The proposed approaches could result in the introduction of EM-screened rooms, ensuring that MWD users and other persons in the vicinity will not be exposed to EM radiation over reference levels (RLs). International bodies could develop specific directives for EM radiation exposure in Physiotherapy Units, to conform to the proposed acceptance and functioning criteria for MDWs.

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